If you would prefer to outsource your blog content completely, Facet offers a subscription service for completed blog posts. Each post is at least 500 words long, and includes:

  • a specialist illustration
  • references to support any claims made
  • a call to action (link to your booking page)

If you are happy to allow us access to your website, we can schedule your posts for you without you lifting a finger. On wordpress, editor or author are adequate roles that do not allow too much access to your site. The posts aim to pick up prospective clients through the keywords they may use when searching for someone to help them. The more posts you have, and the better networked your site is, the higher it can rank in the search results. From a human perspective, you are also showing your patients the breadth of your ability to help, and keeping them away from Dr Google. Facet’s blog posts are written with plenty of supporting evidence from medical journals and NICE guidelines. Empowerment is important, so alongside the educational element, these posts aim to instil agency and a feeling of resilience. No nocebo here.

Packages are flexible. We can write weekly, monthly, or twice a month for you. Topics cover the ASA approved conditions, as well as pregnancy, paediatrics, general MSK, and more.

Read more about blogs on offer and start building your subscription.


This is an example of a standard post on an ASA approved condition.
This is an example of a post from the “Pain Science” category


Posts start at £40 for 500 words. Longer posts can be quoted for on request.