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Blog Post Packages

Typical blog posts include a roughly 500 word search-engine-optimised article including at least one specialist diagram. These diagrams are licensed as part of your subscription.

Core content is based on the ASA approved list of conditions that osteopaths may claim to treat. This is referred to as Conditions Explained, although you are not obliged to use this label on your own posts.

Pre-built packages:

FrequencyFeaturesMonthly cost
Basic1 post every 14 days19 ASA Conditions Explained topics
7 additional posts
(26 total per year)
Standard1 post every 10 days19 ASA Conditions Explained
18 additional posts
(37 total per year)
Premium1 post every 7 days19 ASA Conditions Explained
33 additional posts
including cornerstone content*
(52 total per year)
Blog post content may be subject to change after the first year.
*Cornerstone content is one of <4 posts on your website that are longer than usual and heavily linked to the rest of the site. They are good for SEO and ideally used on areas of special interest.

Suggested add-on topics:

  • Specialist topics
    • Paediatrics
    • Pregnancy
    • Osteoarthritis
  • Nutrition (dietician approved)
  • Treatments explained
  • Pain science
  • Exercises
  • Research
  • FAQs
  • National/international health days

Find more information about the blog posts on offer here.

Image Licensing

All illustrations are protected by copyright. Full terms are available on request. See a full list of available images.

Using images online

Older images have a lower resolution and more untidy style compared to newer images. This is reflected in pricing. See images below for comparison.

Image stylePrice per image
2019- present£24
Please note that purchasing an image license is not the same as owning the copyright. Images are not for reproduction or distribution beyond the agreed terms.

Left: old style (2015), Right: new style (2020)

Cliniko body charts

Images for use in patient notes are available for a one-time fee. This license only applies to use within Cliniko, and does not allow reproduction elsewhere, including clinic literature or online.

Existing body charts include:

  • Equine bony anatomy
    • lateral view (left and right)
    • anterior view
    • posterior view

Commissioning new images

Commissioned illustrations start at £50. This includes a license for use as a Cliniko body chart and online. Commissioned illustrations belong to the artist and your use will be non-exclusive. Contact Freya for an accurate quote.

Purchasing prints

For physical prints, see the shop. Contact Freya to request a print that is not currently listed.

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