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We are Live!

Facet is now officially open for business! We only have a small window before my maternity leave starts on 1st August, so if you want anything for your website or Cliniko before late autumn, please get in touch as soon as possible.

Facet is a project designed to support osteopaths by aiding their web presence. You may have heard of SEO which stands for Search engine optimisation. There are many different prongs to successful SEO, but the one I focus on is content. A website made of a couple of pages is at a disadvantage to one with plenty of blog posts forming a well-connected network.

Blog subscriptions

Blog posts are an easy way to boost SEO scores- even easier if you don’t have to write them yourself! For WordPress users, Facet can log into your site ahead of time and schedule posts for maximum predictability. Every blog post for your site will be specifically tailored for you, down to the tone you want to convey.

See what’s on offer here, and look into package ideas here. Posts will be scheduled to run seamlessly throughout maternity leave. New material will resume in late autumn- feel free to discuss new ideas with me beforehand.

Packages need to be finalised by Friday 31st July.

Existing image licenses

Relevant images with appropriate coding also help boost the SEO score of a page. From a human perspective, they can also make a page look a lot more appealing, or even be the reason for clicking a link in the first place. The latter is especially relevant when sharing posts and pages to facebook and twitter.

If you’d rather write your own blogs, or just use images within your pages, you might prefer to license images on their own. Licenses run for a year and are valid for one website.

See the entire catalogue here.

Licenses need to be agreed by Friday 31st July.

New image commissions

All of the basics are covered above, but if you want something more specific we can work something out. This can be particularly useful for Cliniko body charts.

I need enough time to complete new images by the end of July, so these will be on a first come first served basis. Please email to get the ball rolling.

No new commissions will be taken after Friday 24th July.

Image prints

Prints are outsourced to redbubble and will continue to run as normal.

Requests to make other existing images available as prints will be taken until Friday 31st July.

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