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How To Use Your Blog Post Kit

You’ve bought and downloaded your post kit(s) from the shop, but where do you go from here?

What’s in the Kit?

In your download you will find:

  • a .txt file for each kit purchased
  • at least one corresponding image per post
  • a square image for Instagram

What Else Do I Need?

You will need a website with blogging software installed. WordPress is the most commonly used one (and my preferred software), but Squarespace works too. You will need the rights to create posts- I expect you will be an administrator if you are writing for your own clinic.

Instructions for Use

Download the files and load up your blogging software. Make a new post, and paste the contents of the .txt file into the code editor (in wordpress, click the three dots in the top right corner and click “code editor”). Move back to the visual editor and the contents will be formatted ready for you.
Upload the relevant image and insert into the dedicated block.

Start writing! Try to replace as much text as you can to reduce duplicate content between users. If you have other references of your own, use them wherever you can- you want to stand out among other posts of a similar nature.

Don’t forget to:

  • Update the “alt” tag on your image to reflect your key word (it can literally be your key word)
  • Link to your booking page in the call to action, bonus if the page is on your own website as this will help you rank higher

How to Get the Most Out of Your Blog Kit

The main purpose of these blogs is to increase traffic to your site. Having the content is a good start, but the way you integrate the posts will boost your website further. If you’re using WordPress, I recommend the Yoast plugin to support your writing. This is free, and gives you a box at the bottom of your post (not visible on the published post) with pointers on optimising your post for search engines.

Possibly the two most important things are your key word and links. Consider which word your potential patients might be using when looking for relief. Sciatica might be more effective than radiculopathy. That said- you don’t want to overuse your keyword. The Yoast plugin will help you here, and you can get creative with mixing in some alternative words when you’re pushing the limit. Links between pages and other sites are essential for ranking highly. You’ll find a call to action at the bottom of each post for a link to your booking page. If you use cliniko or a similar system, you might prefer to use their code to create a booking page on your own site. This way, you’re keeping traffic on your site rather than sending it to cliniko’s pages. Keeping people on your site is another consideration when a search engine comes to rank you.

External links are still important. Embed your references within your text, especially on more controversial subjects where you need to support your claims. I encourage my clients to link back to my site through the image provided.

You can read more about writing to improve your ranking on the Yoast website.

Social Media

Each post has a square image included among its files. Use this one for Instagram, and link to your website home page in your bio. If you’re linking your post from Facebook or Twitter, let it pull the image from your site automatically. If it shows another image from your website, make sure your featured image is set to your blog post image.

Whichever platform you use, do not copy and paste the entirety of your blog on there. The aim is to draw potential clients to your site; if all of the info is already in front of them, why would they move? Not only do you want to bring them to your booking page, you want their traffic. Just by clicking through to your blog, you’ve gained something. If your website encourages them to stay and click through other pages, your ranking will benefit even more.

Usage and Liability

You may use this template on one website only. The included images may be used on your clinic site and social media, but are not licenced for print. Do not alter the images in any way. Images remain the property of the illustrator, and your usage is non-exclusive.

You are liable for any claims you make in your posts- do not make any claims that you cannot support with evidence. It is your responsibility to thoroughly read the references before linking to them.

If you have any problems or need some support, drop me an email at and
I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

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